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Welcome To My Amazon Adventure

I am happy you have visited my new web site. I have designed this without too many bells and whistles which will enable you to navigate it easily and read the story of how we began our journey in both words and pictures. You will find this site full of valuable information on this trip and how to book one yourself ...if you are ready for your own Amazon Adventure.

I survived the "Trip" to the Amazon, but not a "Trip" in my home.

On Sunday Oct. 20th the day we returned from the trip and I had an accident in my home and ruptured my Achilles Tendon in my right foot.

On Saturday October 26 2002, I entered the hospital for an operation that would repair the tendon. Under the skilled hands of a brilliant young doctor (anyone under 60 is young to me now), Dr. Lance Markbreiter of Shore Orthopedic Group in Tinton Falls, New Jersey the repair was made successfully. I am now in my second cast, no pain now, light weight, cool looking black fiberglass.

This will be on for two more weeks and then the final cast for another two weeks. If it weren't for this accident which has given me hours of in home time to work, I am sure this site would not have been put up as fast as it has been. So I suppose... "Every cloud has a silver lining" After all I can't go out and play basketball now, right!...Oh, I forgot, I could never play basketball. For that matter I can't play football, baseball, soccer, hang glide, play a piano, mountain climb, milk a cow...the list goes on and on :-)

What You Will See On This Site.

I have finished uploading just about 400 fabulous images and have completed my story of this great trip. You will find two convenient "Menu Buttons" on the bottom of each page. Mouse over the "Photo" button to see the full pop-up menu showing all the photo collections or mouse over the "Story" button to go to the chapters in my story.

I have each photo collection set up as separate slide show. It will be easy to sit back and view the photo collections you would like to see. Each slide show is set to change every 6 seconds and you can stop at any time and view any picture you like by simply clicking on the Thumbnail image of the picture you want to see. You can also manually change the slides using the Thumbnail menu to do so.

The story will take you from the beginning preparation for the trip and will include lots of photos and exciting links that will enable you to visit many web sites of places we visited or stayed. I think you will find it interesting and informative, especially if you are planning a trip to the Amazon Rain Forest.

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